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JACET ESP SIG Kanto (Oct 21st 2017 Meeting

JACET ESP 関東研究会」では、10 月 21 日(土)に研究会を実施いたします。

JACET ESP 関東支部は 10 月 21 日(土)に研究会を開催いたします。この研究会では研究 書籍や論文のレビューを行います。今回はすでに下記の 3 件が予定されていますが、他に もご希望の方がいらっしゃいましたら 10 月 7 日(土)までにご希望内容を下記の問い合 わせ先までお送りください。JACET ESP Kanto Chapter is pleased to announce its October meeting to be held on Oct 21 (Sat.). This meeting is planned to be a study meeting where participants present reviews of books and journal papers on ESP research and practice. There are three reviews already scheduled in this meeting. However, there is still room for a couple of more sharing sessions by our members. Please consider this message as an invitation to make short presentations. Use the following contact for your proposal by October 7 (Sat.).

日時:2017 年 10 月 21 日(土) 15:00-17:00

場所:電気通信大学東1号館 705 号室 (University of Electro-Communications, East 1-705) 参加費:無料(事前申込不要)Free of Charge 交通アクセス:


  1. “Self-Efficacy: An Essential Motive to Learn” by Barry J. Zimmerman in Contemporary Educational Psychology 25, 82–91, (2000). Reviewed by Shin Hashimoto
  2. “The Handbook of English for Specific Purposes” by Brian Paltridge and Sue Starfield. Reviewed by Chris Litten
  3. “Abstracts and the Writing of Abstracts” (Michigan Series in English for Academic & Professional Purposes; English in Today’s Research World by John M. Swales, Christine B. Feak.) Reviewed by Jie Shi
  4. Other reviews
  5. Business meeting

問合せ先: JACET ESP 関東研究会 SHI Jie (shi.jie[a]uec.ac.jp)

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