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JACET ESP SIG Kanto (January 2018 Meeting)

JACET ESP SIG Kanto (January Meeting)
Date: Jan 13, 2018 (Sat) 15:0017:00
Venue:  University of Electro-Communications (UEC Tokyo), UEC Alliance
Center, 100th Anniversary Hall
(UEC Tokyo, 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo, 182-8585)
Location: For English, see the attachment; For Japanese Webpage:

Program of the January meeting (Meeting theme – Academic writing):
1.15:00~16:00 Invited Presentation by Christine Feak (University of
Michigan, USA)  (Session via Skype)

Title: Research Article Abstracts for Non-Expert Readers

Abstract: Research article abstracts are an extremely important genre.
When well written, abstracts can increase the chance that a paper will
go out for review, that a well-qualified reviewer will agree to offer
feedback, and that the paper will be read. Writing an effective research
article abstract for one’s peers is challenging enough, but the
challenges are becoming greater as many scientific journals are
expecting authors to provide a second abstract directed at non-expert
readers. These abstracts have a number of different names, including:
lay abstracts, author summaries, and significance statements. My talk
today will focus on this emergent genre and how we might support
students’ efforts to write for non-experts.

Bio of Speaker:
Dr. Christine Feak is a lecturer at the English Language Institute of
the University of Michigan since 1988 and is an experienced ESP
practitioner, researcher, editor and productive author. Among her
numerous ESP/EAP publications, “Academic Writing for Graduate Students:
Essential Tasks and Skills”, “Abstracts and the Writing of Abstracts”, ”
Telling a Research Story” and “Navigating Academia” that she has co-
authored with the famous ESP pioneer Professor John M. Swales are well-
known reference books not only in the US but also in Japan especially in
the EST domain. Her current research interests include the discourse
analysis of academic legal genres, medical writing, the evaluation of
NNS writing, and positioning in graduate student writing.

2.16:00~16:30 Research Presentation by Patrick Foss (Tokyo Medical and
Dental University )
Title: Incorporating the Academic Word List into introductory EAP
Abstract: The Academic Word List (Coxhead, 2000) is a collection of 570
word families which have been shown to appear frequently in a wide range
of academic texts. As such, it is a useful resource in university-level
language education, particularly in introductory EAP classes. However,
simply telling students to “study the list” is unlikely to be effective;
words need to be encountered and used in different contexts in order to
be mastered. The presenter will show how a portion of the Academic Word
List was selected and then incorporated into a course focused on
improving a variety of academic English skills within a communicative

Bio of Speaker:
Patrick Foss is an associate professor of English in the College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. His
research interests include vocabulary use and development.

3. 16:3017:00 Business Meeting

4. 18:30~  ESP SIG KANTO Chapter SHINNENKAI: January 13, 2018

We welcome any members of our group even if you cannot join the above
meeting. The restaurant is located in a convenient part of downtown
Tokyo. Anyone can go to the venue directly and join us for the wonderful
Turkish food, good company and the entertainment there. Just drop Shin
Hashimoto a message by email as shown below.

ボスボラス ハサン 新宿店
東京都新宿区新宿3-6-11第一玉屋ビル 2F
■予約日時 1月13日(土) 18:30
■コース名 ≪ Bコース ≫トルコ料理を堪能できます★(飲み放題の付かないコース
■コース料金   お一人様 ¥3,750(税込)

Time: 18:30 ~ (right after our SIG meeting)
Restaurant: Bosphorus Hasan (free cultural event included)
Menu: Course B (3,750 yen not including alcohol)
Website: https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1304/A130401/13000925/dtlmap/
The restaurant is a Turkish restaurant in Shinjuku (just a few doors
down the Yose “Suehiro-tei” very close to Isetan Department Store)