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Welcome… ESP関東SIG では年に5~6回研究会を開き、ESPに関わる研究や実践についての発表やディスカッションを通じてESPについて学んでいます。フレンドリーな雰囲気の研究会です。興味のある方は是非一度ご参加ください。予約などは不要です。 The JACET ESP-Kanto special interest group (SIG) was formed in 1996 by Prof. Morijiro Shibayama (Surugadai University) and a small group of university-level English instructors who were teaching English for Specific Purposes within a variety of academic disciplines. The group has grown over the years to include teachers and researchers who teach English for science, engineering, pharmacology, nursing, business, and tourism. The mission of the JACET ESP-Kanto SIG is to promote vital research and sound teaching methodologies within the field of ESP. The JACET ESP-Kanto SIG meets approximately 5 times a year at various university locations inside the greater Tokyo area.

2021 JACET ESP-Kanto Officers

Position Officer Name
Chair Megumi Nishikawa
Vice-Chair Patrick Foss
Vice-Chair Yu Yan
Treasurer Naoko Nakamura
Webmaster and PR Forrest Nelson
PR Megumi Nishikawa
Adviser Charlie Robertson
Adviser Reiko Fujita
Adviser Shi Jie
Editor-in-Chief Shin’ichi Hashimoto
Contact us at the following email address.
Contact us at the following email.

Also join our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/kantoespsig/

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  1. 木村美由紀 says:

    慈恵医大の木村美由紀と申します。来年度からそちらのSIG のメンバーになりたいのですが、どのような手続きが必要でしょうか。教えて頂けませんでしょうか。

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