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Meeting Dates of 2020

I would like to inform you of the tentative meeting dates of our chapter for 2020 as follows:
  1. May 23 (Sat) (Business meeting. All members are welcome)
  2. Jul 11 (Sat) (Research meeting 1)
  3. Oct 31 (Sat) (Research meeting 2)
  4. Jan 16 (Sat) or Jan 9 (Sat)* (Research meeting 3 and Shinenkai)
If the Covid-19 situation does not disrupt our regular life too much from now on, these dates above will be observed. Otherwise, I will send notices of cancellation to our group.
At the same time, please note that we have scheduled three research meetings, July 11, Oct 31 and Jan 16 or 11. For these meetings, we are recruiting presentations. If you or your colleagues are interested in making a presentation, please send me the details for our officers to consider. Also, if you wish for the meeting to be held on your premises (for free), please feel free to let me/us know, too.