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Next Meeting: May 11, 2013


May 2013 Meeting

*Date:  May 11th, 2013 (Sat) 15:00 ~17:00  (15:00~16:00 Presentation, Q&A)  (16:10~17:00 Business Meeting)

Venue:  Shibaura Institute of Technology, Toyosu Campus (Main Conference Room on the 5F in Research Building)

http://www.shibaura-it.ac.jp/access/toyosu_map.html  (in Japanese)
http://www.shibaura-it.ac.jp/access/index_e.html (in English)


ESP Material Design: from a Teaching and Publishing Perspective       


 by  Alastair Graham-Marr

Presentation Abstract: 

What are the parameters that guide decision making when devising an ESP curriculum? Of course, classes need to be engaging and need to match the needs of our Japanese students. However, we are also responsible for making sure that classroom activities maximize our students’ learning opportunities and do so according to accepted theories of second language acquisition. Classes and classroom materials need to be accessible for language learning to take place. The choice of when to use authentic material and when to use sheltered materials needs to be based on student abilities. A useful framework to consult before making such choices is the European Common Framework (CEFR). Even, if not employed as an assessment device, the CEFR remains a useful frame of reference when designing courses and making curriculum choices. Included in the CEFR is the concept of language domain, which is connected to linguistic complexity. Concrete, immediate to self topics are generally suited for lower level learners while abstract, far from self topics are better suited for upper levels. It is these latter topic areas that are better suited for ESP.

Profile of the Presenter: 

Alastair Graham-Marr is an Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science. He has been teaching in Japan for 24 years. He has an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University. His research areas include, the effect of output on SLA and the effect of explicit instruction on SLA. In addition to this, Alastair Graham-Marr has worked as an editor and materials designer for Abax Ltd., a small independent ELT publisher. An active conference participant, this work has given him the opportunity to meet and talk with thousands of teachers from all over the world.