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JACET ESP SIG Kanto (October Meeting 2019/10/19)

Dear all JACET ESP SIG Kanto members,

It is with great pleasure that I make the announcement of our October meeting on Oct 19, (Saturday, 15:00-17:00), 2019. We have invited two speakers, Rich Bailey of Tokai University and Robert Gommerman of Chuo University. They will present their research on ESP for graduate students of engineering and EMI program for business majors respectively. I am sure their presentations will benefit our members who are interested in not only an ESP-oriented approach but also EMI education linking ESP with the content of students’ disciplines. Please come to join this event and invite your colleagues and friends.

The details of the talk are as follows:

JACET ESP SIG Kanto (October Meeting)
Date: Oct 19, 2019 (Sat) 15:00 ~17:00
Venue: Room 602, East 1 Building, University of Electro-Communications (電気通信大学)

(UEC Tokyo, 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo, 182-8585/東京都調布市調布ヶ丘 1-5-1)

 15:00~15:30
Presentation 1
ESP for Engineering Graduate Students at Tokai University Rich Bailey, Tokai University (Shonan Campus)


In response to the Tokai University Engineering department’s concerns regarding the English levels of their graduate students, two semester-long (14 weeks, once-a-week) ESP courses were created: Technical English for Engineers (TEfE) [required] and English Presentation for Engineers (EPfE) [elective]. While the original unified TEfE syllabus has been phased out in favor of teacher-selected textbooks and a new TOEIC focus, EPfE has evolved over time, especially to meet the needs of different student levels and an increase in international students. The presenter will explain the various curricular aspects of TEfE/EPfE courses including syllabus design, the use of supplemental materials, pedagogical activities, and successes and challenges of the implementation of the courses.

Keywords: ESP, English for Engineering Majors, English for Graduate Students, ,

Bio of Presenter

Rich Bailey has been teaching ESP courses through the International Education Center at Tokai for

Please find the link for the location:
http://www.uec.ac.jp/eng/about/access/ (in English); http://www.uec.ac.jp/about/profile/access/ (in Japanese)

six years. He has taught in Japan for more than ten years and has also taught in the U.S., Fiji, and Kazakhstan. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in physics in 1991, he obtained his master’s degree in TESOL at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio in 1995.

 15:30~15:40 Break

 15:40~16:10
Presentation 2
An analysis of preliminary student performance data in an EMI program for economics and business management majors: Are we overstating the importance of prior English proficiency?
Robert Gommerman, Chuo University

In the last few years, several universities in Japan have opened departments with courses and entire programs instructed exclusively in English. As these programs become more popular, it is important to understand the extent to which English proficiency at the onset of studies can predict performance in content classes where instruction, course materials, and support are delivered entirely in English. Data from a newly created business department at a respected Japanese university suggest that prior English ability could not predict performance in two core subjects (Introductory Economics and Business Management). Despite having low English proficiency scores, many students were able to achieve high grades in both subjects, while some students with high proficiency scores did not perform well. While this analysis is still in the exploratory phase, the findings so far could have significant implications for the viability of EMI programs in Japan, and criteria for admission to such programs.

Keywords: EMI, content-based teaching, English proficiency, language performance, Economics and Business Management majors,

Bio of Presenter

Robert Gommerman has been working at universities in the Tokyo area for the last 13 years and currently works as a Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at Chuo University’s newly created faculty of Global Management, a department that operates as an English Medium Instruction (EMI) program. Gommerman plays the central role in coordinating curriculum development and helping to design the program to be one based strongly on data science.

 16:10~17:00 Business Meeting:
SIG officers meetings. Other members are also welcome. Discussion includes review of the 2019 JACET national convention, Chapter Journal of Vol 21, January meeting (with Shinenkai), JAAL-JACET convention in November, Chapter finance, and other research activities.


SIG Chapter Contact: SHI Jie (shi.jie[a]uec.ac.jp) University of Electro-Communications (UEC Tokyo); Shin’ichi Hashimoto (shin.hashimoto[a]tsc.u-tokai.ac.jp), Tokai University; Megumi Nishikawa (egumi- nishikawa[a]tsc.u-tokai.ac.jp), Tokai University