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JACET ESP Kanto SIG– October’s Meeting/Workshop

Dear JACET ESP-Kanto members,

I hope that you are all surviving this terribly hot and humid summer. Moreover, I’m sure that you are extremely busy with only a few weeks remaining in the term… and with possible preparations for the JACET National conference next month; however, there are two messages that I need to convey to you.

First, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the JACET EBP Survey & Research Committee members along with the members from the IIBC (Institute for International Business Communication) who gave an excellent and informative presentation last month: Business demands on English in today’s Japan. Their research findings were extremely interesting and useful!

Second, I would like to announce and request your participation in October’s “show & tell” workshop. *In response to our recent survey, we will be holding a workshop on October 12 (Sat.).

Survey question & results:

“Would you support the idea of devoting two meetings per year to a workshop-type “show & tell” format where several members could informally present useful teaching ideas, research techniques and/or summarize useful academic research articles?”

Definitely yes: 65%

Probably yes: 35%

Workshop scope/structure:

Part I:

5 presenters will share a teaching activity or methodology, which is related to ESP instruction, for approximately 10 minutes per presenter. Presenters may use a Power Point presentation if they like, but will be encouraged to speak informally. Presentations should be useful and easily adaptable to a variety of ESP teaching situations. Thus, for example, a lesson and/or an approach which might be utilized within an Engineering English class could also be easily adapted for a Business English class. In addition, presenters will prepare a simple (A-4 sized) handout to support their talk.    (50-60 minutes)

Part II:

Each presenter will talk one-on-one (or to a few audience members) in an informal “breakout session.” Depending on the lesson and/or teaching idea, presenters could either sit in a corner or at a table to answer questions and offer suggestions. Audience members will be able to move freely between presenters during this time. (20-30 minutes) **If presenters would like to “show & tell” while using the Internet or a CALL classroom, arrangements can be made to provide these facilities.

To present:  Please submit your proposal (and/or questions & comments) to Charlie Robertson at: pacificenglishteacher@gmail.com by August 31, following the submission format below.

Presenter’s Name Title of Show & Tell Content  Time and Equipment


I’m looking forward to reading your “show & tell” presentation proposals! *Additional details regarding October’s workshop: presenters/topics/venue, etc… will be announced in September.

Have a wonderful and restful summer!  See you in October!

Charlie Robertson