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JACET ESP-Kanto SIG October 2013 Workshop Meeting (10.12. 2013)

Dear members,
I hope that you have survived this year’s scorching summer weather. Today actually feels as though fall has finally arrived!
Let’s hope so.
After much planning, I’m very happy to announce that we will have 4 presenters for our October Workshop Meeting (please see details below). I cordially invite you to welcome and support Masa Tsuneyasu, Brett Milliner, Travis Cote and Dave Rear on October 12th at our first ever “workshop meeting.”
Enjoy the last few days of freedom before the Autumn term begins!
See you on the 12th!
Charlie Robertson

JACET ESP SIG Kanto   (October 2013 Workshop Meeting)

Date:    October 12th ,  2013 (Sat)               15:00 ~16:30 Presentations, Q&A

16:30~17:00 Business Meeting

Venue: Tokai University, Takanawa Campus 東海大学高輪キャンパス  Room 4204


都営地下鉄浅草線「泉岳寺駅(Sengakuji)」下車、Exit A2より徒歩約10min



in Japanese    http://www.u-tokai.ac.jp/info/traffic_map/index.html

in English    http://www.u-tokai.ac.jp/international/campus/takanawa.html

Workshop structure /topics:

Part I:

Four presenters will share a teaching activity, which is related to ESP instruction, for approximately 15 minutes per presenter. Presenters will use a Power Point presentation but will be encouraged to speak informally. (60 minutes)

Part II:

Each presenter will talk one-on-one (or to a few audience members) in an informal “breakout session.” Audience members will be able to move freely into separate CALL classrooms where each presenter will give a “hands-on” demonstration of their teaching activity. (30-40 minutes)

Presenter’s Name

Title of Show & Tell


Masa Tsuneyasu

(Utsunomiya University)

Practical Lesson Plans for Engineering Students

Engineering students are more likely to enjoy individual activities. The presenter will introduce activities which stimulate  students’ cognitive and spatial knowledge.

Brett Milliner 

(Tamagawa University)

Take an Oath to Vocabulary Growth This presentation will introduce the vocabulary flashcard softwareQuizlet.   This introduction will demonstrate how students are able to interact with the software on their smart phones and personal computers. Teachers will also learn how to oversee their students’ interactions with the system

Travis Cote  

(Tamagawa University, College of  Tourism & Hospitality)


Mobile Language Learning: Apps for Speaking & Listening Practice

This brief presentation will introduce a speaking activity/project I did with my Tourism & Hospitality Management students using an iPhone app.

Dave Rear

(Shibaura Institute of Technology)

Making an ESP Reading Course with Authentic Materials

This presentation will introduce a course  using authentic materials on technical and engineering topics. It will provide ideas for constructing a lesson plan that keeps students motivated and interested.